I hope you’re not feeling the need to be inspired today. It’s not one of those days, sorry. I’m trapped at home for yet another mandatory two week quarantine with a sick husband. I didn’t even get a one day break between when I officially stopped Becca-sitting through her recovery to having my husband sent home. Not even one full day! Would 24 hours of normalcy have been too much to ask?  

Apparently it is. So today I’m feeling punchy and cagey and a little sassy. I get that way sometimes. Ok, all the time. It’s my nature.  

Overall, we have handled COVID just fine. I can’t complain. I’m grateful our family hasn’t been affected by this virus in any kind of devastating way as so many others have, and I’m very wary that it has caused tremendous pain and suffering. Yet just for today I’m using this forum as a poetic outlet for my venting. I’m not a poet, though. Like seriously, I don’t write poems. Don’t judge me for my lack of literary talent. But since this is what came out when I sat down to write, this is what you get.  


My COVID Temper Tantrum

Roses are red, violets are blue.

This poem is my way of saying, “COVID, I HATE YOU!”

I hate you for the pain and the stress that you’ve caused,

And I hate you for making me put my life back on pause. 


 I had been stuck in my house for 8 years or more,

Mostly leaving to go only to the doctor or store.

I did my best without pitching too much of a fit,

And I would do it again – my sick child was worth it.


 But I was just barely feeling like I could finally get back to my life,

Then you upend our existence with turmoil and strife.

I was excited at venturing back out into the world,

But you slammed on the brakes for this already caged-up girl.


 I want to go out to lunch for a long visit with friends.

You know – the ones where the meal never actually ends?

Where you giggle and laugh and feel carefree,

Until the waitress finally comes and asks you to leave?


I want my hands to be soft, not looking like I belong in a coffin,

Because I wash them and have to use sanitizer so often.

I’m all for being clean and don’t want to complain,

But constantly disinfecting my house is becoming a pain!


I want to wear SOMETHING on my lips besides Chapstick once more,

But everything smears on my mask, making me look worse than before.

Why wear foundation or blush or other makeup,

When every time you go out in public you have to cover it up?


I want a reason to get dressed up and wear nicer clothes,

Something fancy that makes me want to strike a cute pose.

I do love my leggings, I’m not going to lie,

But wouldn’t it be nice to get dressed to the nines?


I want to go to the theater and watch the next 007.

Some popcorn and Daniel Craig right now sounds like heaven.

Watching action on a big screen in stereo sound …

Oh, I would be one of the happiest mommas around.


I want to get on a plane and travel far out of reach,

To a beautiful, exotic country with a tropical beach.

Can I PLEASE lay in the sand with the sun on my face,

Without worrying about social distancing or proximity and space?


I NEED to go to Chile-Tepin, my favorite restaurant,

I miss it so much it’s an addictive need, not a want.

The deep, rich flavors of this Mexican treasure,

Is one of my all-time favorite culinary pleasures.


Mr. COVID, we’re tired of getting swabs stuck up into our brains,

Because your stupid, unrelenting sickness forever remains.

So I’m asking you in behalf of pretty much everyone I know,

For the love of Mike, will you just pack up and go?


Let us get on with our lives without more loss and heartache,

We’ve all had enough, so give us a break!

I’m not trying to sound selfish or ungrateful or petty,

But I mean seriously … WE’VE HAD ENOUGH ALREADY!!!


End of venting.

So maybe that’s my message for today. During these tough times, we all work hard to put on a brave face and make everything work. As well we should. We are capable of far more than we realize. That doesn’t mean we can’t have bad days. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t allow ourselves the occasional childish tantrum or venting session. It’s therapeutic and helps us re-gather our thoughts and our senses.

I obviously just had a poetic tantrum myself.  

Feel free to vent yourselves today if you need to. Use a productive and creative outlet.

We’ll be strong again tomorrow.

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