Monsters are Real!!!

Did that read like we are shouting?  Because we are!  We want to scream it from the rooftops:

“Monsters are Real!”

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines monster as “a threatening force.”  

Events or circumstances that cause us damage or harm are unfortunately a part of life for most of us.  Some monsters are temporary.  Others last for months, years or even a lifetime.  They are terrifying beyond description and leave us struggling to cope and survive. 

We have Monsters!

We are well-versed in monsters only because we have had to be.  We have had years and years of inexpressible physical and emotional pain from an illness almost no one understands.  Years and years of drowning in grief and sorrow, loneliness and hopelessness, and outright fear.  Our monsters have at times threatened to completely destroy us.

So Do You!

So why let them hide under the bed?  With all the monsters in the world today, we see a greater need than ever to show them the light of day.  We want to talk about them.  We want you to know you’re not alone in having hard things to deal with.


We started this site with three goals in mind:

1)  To tell you that acknowledging you know someone has a monster is so important.  Taking away the loneliness and the stigma that comes with monsters helps others have courage and face things head on.

2)  To provide huggable comfort any time, any where, to any one who needs it.  Having a friend to hold onto sometimes makes all the difference in the world.

3)  To encourage you to start a conversation.  The validation and support that comes from being able to talk about our monsters simply can’t be overstated.  There is immeasurable power in telling those you love, “I know you have a monster.  And it’s okay.  We can talk about it.  How can I help?”

Join us as we try to share our experiences and lessons learned, and work to promote comfort and healing in a world full of chaos.  Let’s make sure no one ever feels alone with their monsters!