The other day I mentioned that I wanted to write something about how I always feel inspired by the Fall. My son rolled his eyes and gagged. Repeatedly. He whined that too many girls on social media make trite “I love Fall” and “Fall is my Favorite Season” posts (until they later post that Christmas is their favorite season). They talk about how they love all the pretty colors. They post pictures of themselves with pretty leaves and cute Fall outfits. He begged me not to embarrass him and do the same.

I love my son. Really I do. Heaven forbid I embarrass him any more than I already have in his 18 years of life. So instead of writing about HOW I love the Fall, I’ll skip right to WHY Autumn is my favorite season of the year.  

Yes, Bryan, a lot of it does have to do with the colors. Sorry about that. But it’s not just that simplistic notion. It’s not merely that the leaves and the trees change their colors — it is how much more beautiful the world is with that color variation. 

People love nature and we love to spend time in the green outdoors; but with the changes of the Autumn season, we can’t help but “ooh” and “aah” over the alluring beauty that astounds us. The stunning and vibrant colors tickle our senses and the world becomes 10x more bewitching as all these splendid shades meld together. As the complimentary pigments play off each other, the once mostly-green view becomes absolutely resplendent. We love it so much we take scenic drives. We take pictures. We take joy in the beauty of this diversity coming together in such dazzling fashion.

So why don’t we do the same for ourselves and the people around us? Why do we feel that we (or they) have to be one-note and conform to what we think the world believes is beautiful when it is our different “colors” blending together that take us to a higher level? It’s great to have ideas and aspirations and interests of our own — of course, provided that we don’t infringe on the liberty or happiness of others. We’re a positive-thinking blog, here, people.

I only have to look to my own sisters to see a perfect example of this and appreciate how there can be huge differences in who we are and what people have to offer. These are the different paths they have taken:

  • Kari is a pink-haired real estate agent. She has owned multiple successful businesses and has demonstrated tremendous survival skills in the challenges in her life. She is a fighter by nature, and it has served her well.
  • Anna has a Master’s degree in Musical Composition and plays at least a dozen instruments. She teaches drama, choir and band and is ridiculously talented.
  • Jessi has a Master’s degree in Mathematics and is the only woman I know who delights in helping her children with their advanced mathematics homework. She hikes and camps as often as humanly possibly — literally every weekend at minimum. 
  • Tina has a Master’s degree in International Development Studies. She is a world traveler and has been to every continent. She lived in Australia for several years, and now she and her husband are in the process of relocating to Singapore. Can you imagine?
  • Kaleisha has traveled the world as well, but as a boat captain. That’s right! She has an official mariner’s college degree and has sailed large ships and enormous barges in some of the most dangerous seas in the world. You have to admit that’s pretty cool!

We also come from two different moms, so that even adds more to our differences. Can you imagine sisters that are so diverse? With such varying interests and educations, we are obviously far from one-note.

Just because we come from the same family, we don’t have to all be the same. Our family is better because we are not. Because of our singularity and our various strengths and abilities, we are 10x more intriguing together than we are as individuals. Our range of influence is greater. We can do greater good. Those differences allow us to encourage, inspire and help different types of people with different needs. 

If you take one inspiration from this Autumn and the changing of colors that you see, let it be how much beauty comes from variety. Nature’s intrigue is only magnified as the distinctive hues come together to make it 10x as captivating as when there was just a monotone landscape. 

We should likewise recognize that life is infinitely more rich and beautiful when we come together in appreciating and using our individual gifts and talents and strengths. The chemistry of our uniqueness and individual offerings mingling together enrich and empower us and make the world a more far more exciting and vibrant place.

What makes us truly beautiful is “US”.

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