Monsters are real
our monsters collection

Monsters are real!

Monsters are the hard things in life that leave us feeling lonely, hopeless and afraid.

We know a thing or two about monsters, because we've had plenty. We know what it feels like to be in pain and feel desperate or overwhelmed. We want you to feel inspired, uplifted and empowered.

We’ve created these cute creatures so you always have a friend when you're having a bad day, week...or life. Because no one should ever feel alone while they’re fighting a monster.

Our Story
our monsters collection

Our Story

Like so many of you, we have had terrifying monsters to deal with. We hope as we share our “monstrous” stories and experiences, that you will find the courage and comfort you need in dealing with your own.

Click here to get a brief introduction to us and the monsters we face.

Inspire & Uplift
our monsters collection

Inspire & Uplift!

We know the struggle of feeling that no one understands or can relate to you. Or that there is no hope. We have also seen the power and strength from hearing the stories of others. We have been inspired, lifted, strengthened and comforted because people were willing to share.

Click here to share your story and inspire others that may have your monster.

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Our Vision

We want OurMonsters to help you find comfort and courage in your struggles, and to enable meaningful, healthy conversations about the monsters you may be dealing with.

How are YOU feeling?!

Select from 6 different designs to find one that matches your monster the most!

Meet YOUR Monster
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Share YOUR Story

Your voice matters. Let the way you’ve faced your monsters inspire others!


Sponsor a Monster!

Don’t have a monster of your own right now? There are so many people who do. 

Purchase a monster and we will donate it to our local children’s hospital on your behalf.


“My kids have been hugging their monsters for days. It’s also brought peace to them at night. My son hasn’t had a nightmare since he got his monster!”

“So many of us are sad, suffering and in pain. We need to love each other through our trials, not judge each other. I love this!”

“I have loved my Patchy! As an adult it is not often that you are told that it’s okay to have ‘patches’ in your life. Patchy is always there to remind me that it’s okay and I am making it!”

We needed help!

Just like everyone else, we need a lot of help! A special THANK YOU to these companies that worked with us to get our project going:

dino monster
frenzy monster
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scream monster
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